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Introducing DelZone's Next Generation Ozonator:
the APG-U
(Advanced Plasma Gap)


Longer Life than Bulb or CD units

Smaller Size

High Ozone Output (see chart)

True Indicator Light on Unit Telling You Its ON

Made using Kynar

     The Skinny:

Our Dual voltage APG as pictured is the APG-120. Compared to previous CD ozonator, bulb type ozonators, and others, there is no comparison. The top blue line on chart below show the APG produces the best output no matter what the air flow is.

     The Chart:


The APG-120 is the top Blue line. You can see compared to the output of its competition. At a lower initial cost and with a typically longer life.

(Red is an XL-80 by Aqua Sun, Black is CDS-16 by Delzone, and Purple is Balboa UV

     Sanitize Your Water

Ozone (O3) is a natural sanitizer. It can kill up to 99.9% of the organic contaminants in your spa. BUT... the gas is an oxidizer and escapes the water and can reside in the cavity between your water surface and the cover. This escape from the water is called "off gas". To minimize this DelZone has created the:

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