Why Did My Circ Pump Fail So Soon?

Circulation pumps should last 5-7 years. But you can easily lower that life by restricting flow. Look at the picture below. You see the suction fitting (front/middle) pulls water from the filter. On two filter spas its usually the one closest to the equipment area. IF that filter becomes clogged, it puts great stress on the circ pump motor that is not designed to overcome that stress. I have seen collapse hose between the filter and circulation pump in a spa less than one year old. The customer insisted the filters were cleaned but evidence shown the opposite. The only reason the hose would collapse is the pump was sucking and sucking and getting little water. So the pump failed in less than a year.

What to do? I'm a strong proponent on regularly cleaning the filters and cleaning them well. The least you can do if you have 2 filters is switch them every month and clean both every 2 months. Often an easy way to see if you ARE cleaning the filters well is to simply pull out the filters when the circ pump is on. If you can see or feel increase volume, then you DO have bad or dirty filters.

Just a note: filters must be CHEMICALLY cleaned. You can't soak in chlorine and clean the filters. That bleaches them but doesn't strip off the oil.

Most common is that circ pumps fail either out of the box and give you a full length of service. But, as in all things, even a perfect spa might have an early circ pump failure. J

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