How To Modify Grundfos Circ Pump to Fit Laing Applications:

    Compare Out Of Box:

Laing on left has center intake and 9:00 o'clock discharge.

Grundfos is mirror image with 3:00 o'clock discharge.


    OPTION ONE: Turn Grundfos 180 degrees.

Some installations, there is plenty of suction (front of pump) hose but not discharge.

Option one is to turn the new pump around so the discharge fitting is mounted directly to the  existing hose and the extra suction hose is pulled around to feed the front fitting of the new pump.

    Option Two: Turn the pump and keep the motor the same:

    Step One:

Allen wrench remove 4 bolts holding motor

 to pump

    Step Two:

Align Pump with direction needed


Wire the incoming lines as shown. If your existing cord has white and black note which lug receives the white wire. If your cord has same colors for both lines, either lug is fine. Note also the GROUND lug for your green wire.



Important Reminders:

a. The new Grundfos has several positions the foot bracket can be set and screwed into the pump

b. Sometimes you must add hose to match new configuration. Do NOT bend the hose and allow it to kink. One option if the hose make a sharp turn is buy a 90 Elbow barb fitting found in the sprinkler section of your local hardware store and 2 clamps. Cut the hose where it kinks and insert the 90 elbow and clamps.

c. However you have to adjust the new Grundfos, once done you can how replace with a more economically priced circulation pump.

d. BOTH Laing and Grundfos allow the enduser to turn the pump by removing the screws that hold the pump to the mounting bracket.

e. Download Grundfos Instruction Manual HERE



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