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NOW.... Lets Get Started:  

First, lets understand, "Who Is Gatsby?" or "Who Is Imperial?" "Who is ____?"  Gatsby was a manufacturer of spas built to be sold by big box stores. They built spas under names such as Gatsby, Imperial, Swift River, and Blue Ridge. Their plant was in Florida and their market was the southeastern part of the USA.

Jacuzzi Inc bought Gatsby Spas. It seems Jacuzzi's intent was to have their volume sale spas all built at the Gatsby plant. But soon Jacuzzi restructured and the Florida plant and model lines built there were discontinued and the plant closed.

Prior to Jacuzzi buying Gatsby, Gatsby had discontinued support and parts supplies for their earlier models and only supported their current line. When Jacuzzi bought the company they continued that limited support. Jacuzzi's authorized service companies like us only received that limited support and parts. Therefore, our experience both in the fielded and for parts are spas made about 1998 to closing of the plant and only spas with a completely electronic system.

So, first thing to do is determine if we can even help you. If you have a control system that uses plunger type on/off buttons or has a temp dial, we have no expertise or parts for those control systems. Upside is most pumps and heaters can be adapted to those older systems. But only support for the control system and topside is removing and installing retrokit.

If you have a fully electronic topside, we support and supply parts for those spas. A typical topside for these electronic system is:


A Note About This Brand:

Jacuzzi Started Using the "Echo" brand in 1996. Briefly at the end of production the echo spas were built by the Gatsby division. .

If your topside looks like then this site is for you


If your topside looks different, you likely have the "Echo" series built by the Jacuzzi Whirlpool Division. Click Here to see spas built by that division.


Once you confirm you have this electronic type system, we can go different directions.

If you just need parts, Click Here for Parts Page or Click On Parts Listed to Far Left.

If you need an operation manual or a repair manual, Click Here

If you want so info and library help, go to HELP! and Info to Left.

Lastly, you can email us with a description of the problem or question and we answer normally within 2 business days. Email to

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